What Are The Guest Room Supplies In Malaysia Hotels?
What Are The Guest Room Supplies In Malaysia Hotels?

Hotels are supposedly a haven for comfort and relaxation. Thus, the services, amenities, and supplies all add up to the experience. That is why hotels always make sure that all the best supplies are provided for the guests. If you're wondering what guest supplies in Malaysia hotels is, we got you covered.
Generally, hotel supplies are for guests to limit their packing. Imagine bringing a bottle of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash for a week worth of vacation. Thus, hotels should provide these for the guests instead. Figuring out what is guest supplies in hotels also vary per room. What you see in a standard room might not be the same set they provide for those in the premium rooms.

Essential Guest Supplies

Towels, Blankets, and Pillows
Towels, blankets, and pillows top the list on what is guest supplies in hotels. They make sure that the guests can sleep comfortably and also enjoy the warm shower. Other hotels provide extra linens for the guests to use. Some are stored in the bathroom cabinets, or guests can request one at any time.
Basic Toiletries
As mentioned above, some guests find it too inconvenient to bring shampoos, conditioners, and other bathroom basics. Especially for backpackers, they expect the hotels to provide these essentials for them to pack light. Some of these toiletries include shampoo, bath soap, toothpaste, and even a small lotion. Luxury hotels even put these bath toiletries in personalized decorative baskets for the guests. A short welcome note can also make the guests feel more at home.


A dustbin helps maintain the cleanliness of the hotel room. Many guests like to eat or have a drink inside the room. Not having a place to throw the garbage out can make the room more cluttered. This is a simple yet very important supply for every hotel room.
Clothes Rack
Tourists who like to spend a couple of days on vacation need a place to store and keep their belongings. Having always to ransack your luggage to find your clothes and other stuff can be troublesome. Thus, giving them space where they can arrange all their things can be truly appreciated. Also include a few hangers for your guests' outfits.

Additional room amenities

Above are some of what is guest supplies in hotels. However, you can also go the extra mile and provide a few extra amenities for your guests’ overall experience.
Alarm Clock
Though most people use their smartphones or watches to check the time, it won’t hurt to place a small clock at the bedside table. That way, your guests can turn off their phones for a relaxing sleep. It also makes checking time more accessible since they won’t need to grab their phones anymore.
Full-Length Mirror
Ladies, in general, love to see their entire outfit before heading out. Especially when traveling for a special occasion, like a destination wedding, a full-length mirror will be highly appreciated. You can install it on an empty corner, or a standing mirror can also do the trick.
Hair dryer
A bad hair day means a bad day in general. That’s why most people bring a hairdryer wherever they go, to keep their locks at bay. However, it might be bulky stuff to take and can take up space in your luggage. Providing a hairdryer for your guests will save them from all the hassles.

Clothes stuffed in luggage usually wrinkle. Having an iron available for them to use can help them keep their outfits in top shape. Although mostly overlooked, this thoughtful gesture can let your guests feel more at home in your hotel.

Hotels should always make sure that the guests are well provided will everything they need, including supplies. Above are just a few essentials of what is guest supplies in hotels. Ensure that the housekeeping department has a complete inventory of all supplies to avoid some inconveniences to your guests. Providing them will all necessary and extra room amenities supplies can also be a good marketing strategy for your hotel. It encourages them to return whenever they are around the area. Aside from room supplies, you also have to make sure that other amenities like cafes and restaurants are well-stocked with supplies for your guests to enjoy. Know more about hotel supplies in Malaysia, contact us now.

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Published : 16-Apr-2021

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