Basic Hotel Amenities Every Hotel Room Should Have
Basic Hotel Amenities Every Hotel Room Should Have

Basic Hotel Amenities Every Hotel Room Should Have

Dear Hoteliers! Let’s go back to the basics and learn about Basic Amenities Every Hotel Room Should Have.


Emergency/Exit Plans

Custom designed in-room exit maps are created to enhance the ambiance of each guest room and to ensure the safe evacuation of each hotel guest.

Tea/Coffee Making Machine

Tea Coffee sachets are the ideal and important room amenities for hotel bedrooms. This allows the guest the liberty to serve himself/herself without having to pick up the phone at odd hours.

Hotel Toiletries

At the least any and every hotel should provide shampoo, conditioner and body wash as an in-room amenity. It is likely for a guest to carry their own dental kit but when it comes to save ourselves from the extra baggage at the airport we all decide to let go of the three mentioned above – expecting it to be laid out in our hotel room bathroom!

City Guide

Leisure travellers plan their trip in advance and come ready with an itinerary but it is for the business travellers that every room should have a city guide. What if they find time in between their meeting? Or maybe their trip gets extended? Maybe they‘ll decide to pick it up and go sightseeing! And don’t we all secretly wish for our guests not to in-room to avoid the IRD or Concierge requests?

Digital Safe

A safe will help keep the guest’s valuables safe which in turn will help you keep your job safe! Without wasting more time on the importance of that steel/metal box – JUST GET ONE!!


All of us need clean clothes to wear on a daily basis. Unless you’re from the Flintstones Era. Providing a laundry bag in the room will definitely make your guest’s life easier and stay comfortable!


Yes we live in the tech savvy age but we almost forget that when we have our boss on call and are running around to find a pen and paper to jot down everything he says! Hence, the importance of stationary. It comes handy for a guest even when they are bored and would like to turn to writing or drawing.

Hotel Towels

Even though everyone likes to steal them, you still have to keep them. This amenity is necessary. A hotel is not a hotel without towels.

Room signage

Guests can place a Do Not Disturb sign on the door in order to inform hotel staff that you respect their privacy


If you’re not in the wilderness, you absolutely must offer an internet connection to your guests, ideally for free. This could be in the form of wi-fi (most common and preferred) or a LAN cable.
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Published : 26-Feb-2021

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